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About HCD

The Home of Personalisation

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to support people to live a full and meaningful life at home.

Aimed at enabling people to achieve their desired goals through support that is personalised to their needs and preferences.

Our Vision

Here at Homecare Direct we believe that supporting people to direct their own care enables people to live a fulfilled life, it promotes independence and gives them choice and control over the care they receive.

Resulting in high quality care tailored to what is important to them.

We embed this vision into everything we do, using it to inform decision making at every organisational level.

Our Values

we ensure our clients, families and staff are treated with respect and integrity.

we expect our staff to treat people with compassion and in a way they would like their own family to be treated.

we recognise that every person we support is unique.

we have an open and honest culture and build positive relationships with those we support and the wider community.

we always treat people with empathy and care.

we are passionate about delivering excellent quality care, for our staff caring is more than a job it is our vocation.

we expect our staff to continuously develop their knowledge and skills to identify and support improvement.

What Personalisation means at HomeCareDirect ?

  • We build your support team around you – with you.
  • Your support team is not asked to support anyone else. They are just for you.
  • We ask you to help create and then approve the advert for your support team.
  • We support you to interview and select your own team.
  • HomeCareDirect train and then employ your support team on your behalf
  • Your team can include family, even living in your house, local people you trust, or people recruited, just for you, by the HCD Recruitment Team.
  • You, or someone you know, can organise your ongoing care visits on your behalf, so you know who and when people are coming into your home to support you.
  • We built into your care plan, your hobbies, wishes, dreams and aspirations.
  • HomeCareDirect has qualified nurses to help ensure you are safe in your own home.

This is Personalisation to the Highest Standards of HomeCareDirect

Meet the team

Brian Lewis


Chas R. Walker


Christy Mullen


David B. Bass


Jennifer Mankin


Ann Allen


Paul Chan


Robert McCrary


Debbie Hendry


Andrew Smith

Jeanelle Dale

Christina Amerson

Anna Klatt

Angela Butler

Joseph A. Williams

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