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We integrate Health and Social Care in The Community via Personalisation

PHB’s Support to CQC Standards with Managed Client Bank Accounts

Who We Are....

We are a National Care and Nursing Service working to the Principles of Personalisation with up to and including, complex needs

HomeCareDirect accepts referrals as a choice for people with up to complex needs to be supported in their own home to CQC standards

As a specialist ‘Nurse Managed Individual Client Service’ we do not easily fit into standard ICB frameworks. HomeCareDirect is an experienced and established service supporting people for the last 20 years.

We currently provide support in 24 of the 42 ICB areas. 

We are in touch with all 42 ICBs providing the necessary registration documentation. We are able to provide support in all 42 ICB areas.

We have a central office in Derbyshire and have a team of employed qualified Nurses around England

Our Range of National Services

  • A PHB/DP Third-Party Option to CQC Standards
    • Giving ‘In-Control’ to people with up to complex needs
  • Young People in Transition to Adult Services
    • For PHB/DP Funding to make ‘Transition’ a non-event
  • Transforming Care – into the Community
    • for home discharge from long stay hospitals
    • in independent partnership with Housing Organisations 
  • Specialist Community Services
    • for Continuing Healthcare in the Community

All Services are provided to the ‘Principles of Personalisation’

We build a team around a person, for long term support.

The Team is selected by the Person/Family/Responsible Other/HCD Nurse Assessor, when HomeCareDirect then employs and trains the team selected to meet the needs of the individual person.

 A National Service to Support People at Home to Change Lives

The Procedures and Principles of the Service

  • The integration of Health and Social Care funding in the community for long-term care to the principles of ‘Personalisation’
  • Registered as ‘Good’ by the CQC for all client groups for all England
  • A nurse managed service for people at home with up to complex needs
  • Can be seen as a Third-Party Option to CQC Standards
  • A specifically trained Care Support Team is created around the client with shared interviews with the client/family
  • HomeCareDirect (HCD) employed Qualified Nurse Assessors visit the client at home to undertake Health and Social ‘Care Needs Assessment’, ‘Risk Assessments’ and produce the ‘Care Plan’
  • Submit a ‘For Approval’ budget for funding via a Personal Health Budget (PHB), via a Direct Payment (DP), by Continuing Health Care (CHC) or joint Health and Social Care funding
  • An individual ‘Named and HCD Managed PHB/DP Bank Account’ is available as an FOC option for each of our clients
  • We support people with a minimum assessed need of 30 hrs support/week
  • Long-Term Care – Supporting ‘Hospital at Home’

The Care Quality Commission?

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